Voted no.1 Children's entertainers in dorset!


We want to make the public as passionate about animals as we are and because of this motto, it raises the bar and sets us apart from anyone else! 

The team here are all thankful for this and would like to thank Dorset Mums for holding this competition!

We would also like to say thank you to everyone who took the time to vote. Our shows are fresh, exciting and gives a new way of presenting animals to people where you are engaged from beginning to end. The days of sitting in a semi circle and passing an animal around for us was never an option for us and we believe a thing of the past ! This, we believe is why we are so different to anyone else and why we were even voted for in the first place, but to win, proves that what are doing is working. 

We have only been open since February 26th 2018 and we are amazed that within that year the support we have is just unrivalled.

Thank you so much from everyone here at Mad4animals for your support.

We are just over the moon!

Proud charity partners with the dorset CHILDREN'S foundation


Our chosen charity for 2019 is the Dorset Children's Foundation. On Saturday 2nd February we donated a free animal visit in hope to entertain, engage and help everyone learn through laughter about some beautiful animals. In doing this we helped people of all ages view, hold and learn about animals they would never normally see. Of Course, with our wacky way of presenting, everyone, Including AJ had the most amazing day. What started out as an idea to take a few animals to go along for half an hour, turned into a raucous afternoon full of silliness, fun, excitement delivering one of our most memorable shows! 

AJ's comments: "Having worked in education for several years, I have always had a keen interest helping children who have any type of disability achieve more and do more than they ever thought possible. I have close links with children who have special needs and if I can make at least one child I meet smile, then as far as I’m concerned, I’m doing something right. Even if it’s just for a few moments! Our company's motto is "Learning through Laughter" and on this day, everyone laughed. Including me! I’d like to say a huge thank you to The Dorset Children's Foundation. not only was it a pleasure to be there, but it’s a pleasure to know you all had a phenomenal time, I hope to see you all again!" 

As a company Mad4Animal strives to deliver the experience we can, we grow every day and we always try to go that extra mile to deliver the most amazing experience, whatever the occasion. business here.