The Jungle Challenge


 "Our explorer is lost in the jungle! Amongst the jungle critters and creepy crawlies lay the missing items to ensure our explorer has a safe journey home! Will you have the courage to help him find them so he can get back to base camp"?

Learn through laughter with "the Jungle Challenge" , It's full of excitement, fun  and of course don't forget the animals.  

Our theatre show has been designed for large audiences and is proven to draw huge crowds. Children and adults alike will will have a raucous time and will invited upon the stage to take part in challenges of all types.

From snakes, spiders, scorpions, cockroaches, snails, birds and much much more! You wont forget the Jungle Challenge in a very long time .

The Creepy Crawly Live Experience show


Join us with this hilarious show that involves every single audience member in the fun and lively show.

This show is a one of kind show that engages all people of all ages, so dont think its just for the children, because the adults will thoroughly  enjoy this too!  With music, challenges, comedy and the odd fright here and there, you and your guests will have a great time watching and being part of it! 

This show can be adapted to any venue big or small and we are even able to theme it to your liking. Just  let the team know what you're thinking and we will put that special twist on it to ensure everyone has a smile on their face! 

Tots Show


As our tots show is working so well within settings such as classrooms, nurseries, creches and children's groups, we took it up a notch.  Now you can book us for a stage show that can cater for large numbers of children and adults accompanying them. 

We are able to provide full scenery for the stage in your venue and provide all the digital art work for screens around the venue, the music for the sing along that we do and of course the incredible animals we feature in this fun book for 5's and under! 

With our tots show being done on a large scale, the children can really get involved with the movement, singing and they animals as they join Finely's finding out what that noise is. 

Give the team a call so we can talk with you about these shows!


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The Jungle Challenge