Reinvigorate and strengthen your team with Mad4Animals!


Our team building day will bring out the best in your staff in a multitude of ways, whether it be individual achievement or through teamwork and trust, Mad4Animals and help them accomplish this!  The activities we offer were designed to bring out the best in your colleagues but also entertain them so they can really enjoy what is on offer. 


Everyone enjoys “I’m a Celeb, Get Me Out of Here”, it’s a program we all love to watch. How many times have you sat there and said you could or couldn’t do some of the challenges? 

Well with us……….. You can!  It’s Your Turn. You can expect  eating challenges, bush tucker trials, real animals such as snakes, reptiles, spiders and your team will be pushed out of their comfort zone to create a real sense of accomplishment!    


We all know someone that isn't a fan of creepy crawlies and/or reptiles. Our challenges bring people together to encourage one and other. So, what better way to create team moral, trust, communication, collaboration and in some cases, fix problems within the team you didn’t know existed with our fun filled, exciting and somewhat belly turning tasks. 

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